Learning Tasks

Would You Rather?

Making a decision between two options.

Learning Goals

  • Making appropriate choice from a selection of responses
  • Explaining choices
  • Writing responses to questions

Curriculum Connection

Draft and revise their writing, using a variety of informational, literary, and graphic forms and stylistic elements appropriate for the purpose and audience.

Language –


  • Journal or Paper
  • Crayons, markers
  • Pencil
  • Picture choices where appropriate
  • Word dictionary or word banks where appropriate


On paper write a “Would you rather?” question.

Learner fills in the blank with response
Learner draws a picture of their response
Would you rather have wings or webbed feet Would you rather be able to jump as high as a building or run as fast as a cheetah?
Would you rather eat popcorn or chips?

When the student has decided what they would rather, then they write their answer after the sentence starter. I would rather_____ because __.

Use a picture choice board to express “would you rather” choices.
Learner can fill in the blank of choice while eliminating the explanation (because…).

Verbal Prompts

Let’s get our writing tools ready.
First, read the daily question.
Next, tell me what you will write.
Next, print (or draw) your response in the blank.
Next, tell me ‘why’ you rather…
Then, write your response in the blank.
Finally, draw a picture to show your answer.

Great job!
You used words and pictures to show what you would rather have (or do)
Time to clean up!
Let’s check your schedule!