Learning Tasks

Word Family Spoons

Fun with rhyming words.

Learning Goals

  • Identifying rhymes
  • Identifying common spelling patterns

Curriculum Connection

Use of knowledge of words and cueing systems to read fluently.

Language –


  • Plastic spoons
  • Marker
  • Paper or plastic cups
  • Scissors


  • Choose a few word endings (op, in, at, og), and write them on a cup.
  • Write a word with the corresponding endings on each of the spoons (mop, top, spin, pin, sat, bat, dog, log).
  • Prompt the learner to sort the spoons into the corresponding cups.
  • Read the created words.

Increase or decrease the number of word families as needed. For more advanced learners, use word families that look and sound more similar. Let learners build their own words by writing consonants or consonant blends on the spoons (ex. f, ch, l). Ask learners to fill in or make sentences using the words they made.

Verbal Prompts

Let’s read some word families!

First, let’s sort words. We’ll read the word on the spoon.
Next, we’ll put the spoon in the cup with the same ending.
Then, let’s sort the rest of the spoons.

You know how to sort words into word families!
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