Ready, Set, Go!

Visual Schedules

Visually organize daily schedules and learning tasks.

Learning Goals

  • Supporting students to work through a task, routine and/or daily schedule

Visual Schedules support learners by:

  • Breaking down tasks and routines into different parts, using concrete objects, photographs, pictures or words to represent each step
  • Allowing learners to process the information visually
  • Providing a stable, consistent method for the learner to check and recheck a visual at their own pace and as often as necessary
  • Mirroring early learning skills by modelling left to right, and top to bottom page progression


  • Items of your choice to create a visual schedule
    • sticky notes
    • paper
    • markers


Build a schedule that supports the learner to sequence through a variety of activities in their day including preferred activities, movement breaks, sensory exploration and work tasks.
Refer to the schedule during the day, using a format similar to the following:

Let’s check your schedule!
First, let’s check what is on your schedule for the day (or morning, afternoon etc.).
Next, transition to the area to complete the task or the activity. All Finished!
Then, remove or cross off the activity once it has been completed
Then, check your schedule to see what is next (repeat).
Great job! You know how to follow a schedule!

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