Ready, Set, Go!

Sorting in the Kitchen

Sorting and putting away kitchen items.

Learning Goals

  • Sorting items based on properties
  • Putting items away based on properties


  • Variety of food and grocery items in the kitchen from three different locations (ie: fridge, freezer, cupboard)
  • Variety of kitchen items such as:
    • cutlery
    • glasses
    • plates
    • food items


  • Place the selected items on the counter
  • Pre-select relevant words to pair and model, such as:
    • frozen – freezer
    • cold – fridge
    • spoon – drawer
    • glass – cupboard
    • plate – shelf

Verbal Prompts

Time to put the dishes away!
First, find the spot where the forks go.
Next, find the spot where the plates go.
Then, find the cupboards where the glasses go.
Then, choose an item from the counter.
Next, put the item in the right spot.
Then, choose another item from the counter.
Then, put the item in the right spot.
You put all the dishes away based on their properties!
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