Learning Tasks

Sorting Cutlery

Sorting cutlery and other small, household items.

Learning Goals

  • Sorting and classifying objects by selected attributes
  • Generalizing skills

Curriculum Connection

Demonstrate an ability to organize objects into categories by sorting and classifying objects using one attribute (e.g., colour, size).

Mathematics –
Data Management and Probability


  • assorted cutlery (identical or non-identical cutlery)
  • cutlery tray


  • Gather a variety of cutlery/utensils and an empty cutlery tray
  • Prompt the learner to sort the cutlery into the corresponding section. It may be necessary to start with a utensil in each section prior to beginning the activity.

Sort other household items.
Sort favourite toys.

Verbal Prompts

Let’s sort cutlery into the right spots.
First, let’s put the spoon in the cutlery tray.
Next, put the fork in the tray.
Then, put a knife in the tray.
Then, let’s sort the rest of the cutlery and put it in the right spots. All the spoons together, all the forks together, all the knives together.
You know how to sort cutlery!
Time to clean up.
Let’s check your schedule.