Learning Tasks

Silly Swat Reading

Sight word game.

Learning Goals

  • Identifying sight vocabulary
  • Identifying letters
  • Identifying pictures
White cup containing Upper Case letters.

Curriculum Connection

Use knowledge of words and cueing systems to read fluently.

Language –


  • Sticky notes, index cards or pieces of paper
  • Markers
  • Fly swatter for each player
  • List of sight words, letters or pictures

Suggested Word Lists:


  • Print sight words, letters, or pictures on sticky notes or index cards.
  • Place the notes on a table, or stick to a wall.
  • Give each player a fly swatter.

Verbal Prompts

Let’s read the words together.
First, let’s read all the words (letters, or pictures).
Next, listen for the word _. Hit it with the fly swatter.
Were you able to hit it before your partner?

Then, listen for the next word.
Then, hit it with the fly swatter.
Keep going until all the words have been read.

Now you can read the sight words!
Let’s check your schedule!