Ready, Set, Go!

Sensory Jars

Sensory exploration.

Learning Goals

  • Sensory exploration:
    • Visual exploration of various colours, textures and movements.
    • Tactile exploration created with materials such as shaving cream or paint in sandwich bags.


  • Sandwich bags, tape, paint or shaving cream
  • Transparent jars or containers with lids:
    • Variety of materials that vary in colour, shape, size, and texture
    • A preferred item


  • Fill jars or containers with a variety of material for visual interest. Add in a preferred item for the child to search for as they shake or rotate the jar.
  • Fill a sandwich bag with paint or shaving cream for tactile stimulation. Consider securing the bag closed with tape.
  • If available, consider creating a variety of jars and bags for repeated enjoyment.
  • Another option is to fill a jar with water, food colouring and sparkles for a calming effect.

Verbal Prompts

First, I will set a timer for your sensory exploration time.
Then, your turn to play with the items
Next, the timer has gone, we are FINISHED sensory play. Time to put the activity away.

Let’s check your schedule!