Ready, Set, Go!

Sensory Bins

Tactile exploration.

Learning Goals

  • Tactile Exploration:
    • Tactile exploration of a variety of items.
    • Easily extended into sorting tasks.


  • Bins, boxes, buckets or other containers
  • Range of items of various textures such as:
    • marbles
    • small pieces of fabric
    • uncooked pasta
    • plastic figures
    • squishy balls/toys
    • pompoms
    • straws
    • beads


  • Fill container with a variety of items that have different textures, shapes, sizes, and colours.
  • During exploration, consider using terminology such as:
    • What can you find?
    • Find something yellow
    • Find something rough
    • Find something smooth
  • Extend the activity into sorting items into different containers, based on similar properties such as colour.

Verbal Prompts

First, I will set a timer for your sensory exploration time.
Then, your turn to play with the items
Next, the timer has gone, we are FINISHED sensory play. Time to put the activity away.

Let’s check your schedule!