Learning Tasks

Roll the Dice Fitness

Maintain physical fitness while playing a fun game.

Learning Goals

  • Performing a variety of movement exercises to maintain physical fitness

Curriculum Connection

Perform movement skills, demonstrating an understanding of the basic requirements of the skills and applying movement concepts as appropriate, as they engage in a variety of physical activities.

Health & Physical Education – Movement Competence


  • Dice
  • Timer
  • Roll the Dice Exercises List printable
  • Roll the Dice Instructions printable Without Dice:
  • small pieces of paper -marker -bowl

Without Dice:

  • Small pieces of paper
  • Marker
  • Bowl


  • Gather dice and timer
  • Print or view Roll the Dice Exercises List and Roll the Dice Instructions

Without Dice:

  • Write numbers 1-6 on small pieces of paper
  • fold pieces of paper and place in bowl

Verbal Prompts

First, roll the dice.

Next, read the number aloud.

Next, look at the Roll the Dice Exercises List.

Next, do the exercise that corresponds to the number rolled.

Then, continue taking turns rolling the dice and completing Roll the Dice Exercises until the timer signals the end.

Finished! Great job reading the numbers and completing exercises!

Time to check your schedule!