Learning Tasks

Reading Compound Words

Creating and reading compound words.

Learning Goals

  • Reading isolated sight vocabulary
  • Expanding reading to compound words
  • Comprehension checks

Curriculum Connection

Use knowledge of words and cueing systems to read fluently.

Language –


  • sticky notes, white board, recipe cards or paper
  • writing utensils or whiteboard marker


  • Print compound words on sticky notes in their component parts.
  • Use two different coloured sticky notes or pens if possible.
  • Read word list, checking for comprehension if needed.
  • Remove the second part of the compound words from the board and support the learner in putting the words back together.
  • Ask the learner to read the word.
  • If the learner is non-verbal, say one of the words and have them point to the word read.
  • Repeat with the first part of the compound words.

Place all of the first parts of the word on the board with the second part of the words out of order. Ask the learner to unscramble the word pairs.
Read the nonsense words aloud together. If the learner is non-verbal, read the new words and have the learner point to the word that you read.

Verbal Prompts

We are going to read compound words together. A compound word is when two words come together to make a new word.

First, We are going to read the first column of words on the board.
Next, we are going to read the second column of words
Then, we are going to put the words together to create a compound word.
Finally, we are going to talk about what that word means.
Now, we are going to play the game a different way.

You made and read these compound words!

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