Learning Tasks

Play a Tune

Playing music with homemade instruments.

Learning Goals

  • Listening to music
  • Playing simple instruments
  • Exploring music elements like rhythm and beat
white paper with black music notes.

Curriculum Connection

Apply the creative process to create and perform music for a variety of purposes, using the elements and techniques of music.

The Arts: Music –
Creating and Performing


  • empty coffee can and lid, or similar container and lid
  • construction paper (red and green)
  • markers
  • tape
  • popsicle sticks


  • Clean the coffee can.
  • Cut out a red circle and write “GO” on it.
  • Cut out a red circle and write “STOP” on it.
  • Cut out a rectangle that will wrap around the coffee can.

Extensions: Repeat with different types of instruments (ex. Shakers, elastic band guitars). Use instruments to accompany a familiar nursery rhyme, story or song. Support the learner in demonstrating rhythm and beat with manipulatives such as popsicle sticks. Use a metronome or metronome app if needed.

Verbal Prompts

First, decorate the construction paper.
Next, tape the construction paper around the coffee can.
Next, look at the two signs. Green means go and red means stop. If I wave GO fast, play the drum fast. If I wave it slow, play the drum slow. If I wave STOP, then STOP.
Next, your turn. Play the drum. (indicate slow, fast, and stop with signs).


Great job playing the drum fast and slow.

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