Learning Tasks


Bed sheet parachute game.

Learning Goals

  • Practising gross motor movements
  • Counting
Smiley-faced parachute in the sky.

Curriculum Connection

Perform movement skills, demonstrating an understanding of basic requirements of the skills and applying movement concepts.

Health and Physical Education –
Movement Competence


  • Bed sheet, tablecloth or blanket
  • Items such as small toys, balls or plush items


  • Spread sheet on the floor
  • Place items in centre of the sheet

Count objects as they fall to the floor
Gather items of the same colour and assign each learner a colour. Goal is to keep identified coloured items on the parachute while trying to knock off partners coloured items.

*Learners can sit or stand to participate

Verbal Prompts

Let’s play with a parachute.

First, grab onto edges of the blanket/sheet.
Next, pick up the blanket/sheet.
Next, start to shake arms up and down.
Then, try to bounce items off the blanket.

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