Learning Tasks

Painting with Water

Creating artworks with water.

Learning Goals

  • Practising fine motor
  • Printing letters, number, shape
  • Creative exploration

Curriculum Connection

Apply the creative process to produce a variety of two and three dimensional works of art…to communicate feelings, ideas, and understandings.

The Arts –
Visual Arts: Creating and Presenting


  • Bucket of water
  • Paint brush, sponge or cloth


  • Fill bucket with water.
  • Select an outdoor spot for child to “paint” with water (fence, deck, driveway, door, etc.)

Verbal Prompts

First, dip the paintbrush into water.
Next, draw a line (number, letter, shape etc.)
Can you draw your name?
Then, dip the paintbrush into water again.
Then, continue to draw on the sidewalk, deck etc.
Great Job painting and creating lines, shapes, letters and numbers!
Time to clean up.
Let’s check your schedule!