Learning Tasks

Matching Gift Cards

Match gift cards from your favourite stores.

Learning Goals

  • Reading for information
  • Demonstrating an understanding of graphic texts

Curriculum Connection

Read and demonstrate an understanding of a variety of literary, graphic, and informational texts, using a range of strategies to construct meaning.

Language – Reading


  • -Matching Gift Card Instructions
  • Identical gift cards (2 or more of each type)
  • Ziploc bags or containers (1 for each type of card)


  • Print Matching Gift Card Instructions
  • Collect matching gift cards
  • Place one of each type in a separate ziploc bag or container
  • Place matching gift cards in a pile for the learner to access


This activity can be done with a variety of items to match (ex. hockey cards, Pokemon cards, cut out cardboard boxes of cereal etc). In order to increase the difficulty once the learner is able to read and match visually identical cards, begin to add visually similar cards (ex. same brand but with a different photo).

Verbal Prompts

First, Choose a card from the pile.

Next, read the card.

Next, find the matching card.

Next, put the card into the bag/container.

Then, choose another card.

Repeat until all the cards have been matched.

Finished! Way to go! You read and matched all of the cards.

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