Learning Tasks

Matching Coins

Identifying, matching and sorting coins.

Learning Goals

  • Identifying coins
  • Matching coins
  • Sorting coins

Curriculum Connection

Read, represent, compare and order whole numbers to 100 and use concrete materials to represent fractions and money amounts.

Mathematics –
Number Sense and Numeration


  • variety of coins
  • containers or mats to separate the various coins


  • Label each container or mat/piece of paper section with an image or the actual coin (this can be done at a table or on the floor).
  • Gather a collection of coins.
  • Guide learner to identify the name of the coin (and value if appropriate).
  • Match each coin to the model in the containers or on mats.

Combine coin amounts based on specific dollars or cents identified.
Combine coin amounts based on prices in grocery flyers.

Verbal Prompts

Let’s match the coins!

First, identify the coins in the containers (or mats).
Next, choose the dimes to match.
Next, choose the quarters to match.
Next, choose the loonies to match.
Next, choose the nickels to match.
Then, choose the toonies to match.

Now you can match and sort coins.
Time to clean up!

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