Learning Tasks

Matching a Phone Number

Learn your phone number by matching numbers.

Learning Goals

  • Reading, matching, and sequencing numbers

Curriculum Connection

Demonstrate an understanding of numbers and make connections to the way numbers are used in everyday life.

Mathematics – Numbers


  • Matching a Phone Number Instructions printable
  • Post-it notes
  • Paper or a whiteboard
  • Pencils or marker


  • Print the Matching a Phone Number Instructions printable
  • Write out the phone number on the whiteboard or piece of paper
  • Write each number on a post it note


  • To increase difficulty, place the numbers out of sequence and/or remove the final number from the model and replace it with a blank space. As the learner becomes independent in selecting the correct number, remove the last two numbers from the model and so on, until the learner is able to sequence the numbers without matching to a visual model.

(ex. 905-555-1234, then 905-555-123_, then 905-555-12_ _ and so forth).

Verbal Prompts

First, let’s read your phone number together.

Next, choose the first number on the post-it that matches the first number in the sequence.

Next, place the post-it on top of that number.

Next, choose the next post-it that matches the next number in the sequence.

Next, keep going until you have finished matching all the numbers in your phone number.

Then, let’s read your phone number together again.

Finished! Nice work! You matched and read all of the numbers of your phone number.

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