Ready, Set, Go!

Gross Motor Movement Breaks

Movement activities.

Learning Goals

  • Incorporate movement breaks into a schedule – alternate between learning tasks and short, physical activities
  • Motor breaks can help postural control, movement and coordination skills
  • Motor breaks can also have a positive impact on:
    • on-task behaviors
    • organizational skills
    • motor planning
    • impulse control


  • No materials necessary
  • Optional:
    • Family Fitness Chart
    • Animal Movement Book
    • OPHEA Physical Activity Calendar
    • Music


  • Choose a spot in the home or backyard when the learner can move their arms and legs freely
  • When choosing an activity, consider organizing the activity into a mini-schedule:
    • First…(tell the learner the activity: “chomp like an alligator”
    • Next…(show the learner what to do by modeling)
    • Then…(support the learner to complete the movements)
    • Finished!
    • I can chomp like an alligator!
    • Let’s check our schedule.

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