Learning Tasks

Dump Truck Run

Identifying, sorting and classifying three-dimensional figures.

Learning Goals

  • Identifying three-dimensional figures
  • Sorting three-dimensional figures
  • Classifying three-dimensional figures

Curriculum Connection

Identify common two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional figures and sort and classify them by their attributes.

Mathematics –
Geometry and Spatial Sense


  • Construction paper or containers
  • Duplo blocks, pop cans, pompoms (objects of the same shape categories)
  • Dump Truck or other toy vehicle
  • Painters tape or masking tape


  • Tape lines on the floor for the student to follow with their toy truck.
  • At the beginning of the line place blocks or other items to carry that represent the “loading zone”.
  • At the end of the line, place a piece of paper or container that represents the “dumping zone”.

Extensions: increase or decrease the number of shape dumping zones.

Verbal Prompts

First, Let’s load all the cubes into the dump truck.
Next, let’s follow the line to the cube dumping zone and dump the cubes.
Next, Let’s drive back and pick up the spheres.
Next, let’s follow the line to the sphere dumping zone (and then cylinder) dumping zone and dump the blocks.
Then, All the blocks have been delivered “Finished”
Time to clean up!
Great job following the lines and matched your three dimensional shapes!
Let’s check your schedule