Learning Tasks


Imitating physical movements in a charades games.

Learning Goals

  • Imitating physical movements
  • Communicating through movement
People silhouetted against a red curtain.

Curriculum Connection

Apply the creative process to dramatic play, using the elements and conventions of drama to communicate feelings, ideas and stories.

The Arts
Drama – Creating and Presenting


  • Household objects and toys (spoon, toothbrush, hairbrush, car, ball, drum)
  • Communication device (if appropriate)
  • Basket or container to hold items


Display a familiar object for the learner to imitate and label the action through words, signs or a communication device.
Push the car
Roll the ball
Feed the doll
Hit a drum
Brush teeth
Brush hair

Develop the activity into a guessing game where the learner chooses an object from a collection hidden from the partner who is guessing the action.

Verbal Prompts

We are going to play a guessing game called Charades!
First, let’s choose an object from the basket.
Next, watch me as I use the __(hairbrush).
Next, your turn, pretend to brush your hair.

Then, let’s make it into a guessing game.
First, choose an item but don’t let me see it.
Next, make the action without the object so I can guess what it is.
You are showing the action for __.
Next, my turn to choose an item and make the action for you to guess.
Then, use your words (signs or communication device) to label the action.
(Eg. Brushing teeth)

You used physical actions in a guessing game.
Time to clean up!
Let’s check your schedule.