Learning Tasks

Cereal Sorting

Sort coloured cereal or snacks.

Learning Goals

  • Identifying colours
  • Sorting by attributes

Curriculum Connection

Identify common two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional figures and sort and classify them by their attributes.

Mathematics –
Geometry and Spatial Sense


  • Fruit Loops or other coloured or shaped cereal/snacks
  • Paper
  • Containers
  • Markers


  • Draw circles using designated shapes or colours of cereal.
  • Place one fruit loop in each matching circle as a model.
  • The learner is required to sort the remainder of the cereal by placing them in the correct circle.
  • The task is completed when all the cereal is sorted by colour or shape

Reduce the number of colours and/or number of pieces of cereal.
For advanced learners, increase the number of colours and/or number of pieces or shapes of cereal.
Create a bar graph indicating how many are in each colour/shape.

Verbal Prompts

Let’s sort cereal by colour!

First, pick 1 fruit loop (or other cereal shapes).
Next, say the colour (shape).
Next, find the spot where the _________ ones go. Then, choose another fruit loop. Next, say the colour (shape). Then, find the spot where the _________ ones go.

Great job sorting the cereal by colour (shape).

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