Learning Tasks

Body Movement Circuit

A variety of fun movement skills.

Learning Goals

  • Supporting physical health and wellness
  • Supporting mental wellness
Children jumping in field to reach ball in the air.

Curriculum Connection

Perform movement skills, demonstrating an understanding of basic requirements of the skills and applying movement concepts as appropriate, as they engage in a variety of physical activities.

Health and Physical Education –
Movement Skills


  • Body Movement Circuit Activity Sheet


  • Print out visual or view on a device
  • Have writing utensils or device ready
  • Select an area in the household where the learner can stretch out.

Verbal Prompts

First, select # of times to complete the circuit.
Next, complete each exercise in the circuit. Check off each exercise as it is completed.
Then, cross off each circuit completed until the goal has been reached.
Then, when the goal has been reached you say, “Yes, I did it! I moved my body. I feel better now!”
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