Learning Tasks

BANG! Core Words Game

Learn to read familiar words through a fun game.

Learning Goals

  • Reading and understanding familiar words

Curriculum Connection

Using knowledge of words and cueing systems to read fluently.

Language – Reading


  • BANG! Core Words Instructions printable
  • Empty coffee canister or other container
  • Core Words printable or cue cards
  • Markers
  • Timer


  • Print BANG! Core Words Instructions
  • Print or write Core words on cue cards
  • Print or write “BANG!” on a few of the cards
  • Put the cards in the canister or other container
  • Set the timer

Extension: For learners who use an AAC device, model how to find the core word on the device.

Verbal Prompts

First, pull a card out from the canister.

Next, read the card out loud.

You are right! keep the card!
That’s not right, put it back in the container.

You have the most cards! You win!
Now you can read core words!

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